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Friends, allow me to introduce you to one seriously beautiful woman. At only 19, Meagan Palmer of Novelties and Trinkets is an old soul to the T. She's newly married to a man she refers lovingly as, The Farmer, and a lover of the older days when things were a lot more simple. Also, as an avid chaser of sewing, crocheting, cooking, baking, gardening, knitting, painting, graphic designing, quilting, photography, videography, writing, and embroidering; she is constantly desiring to learn a new skill to add to her belt. 

1. Tell us a little about yourself! 

My name is Meagan Palmer and I live in the amazing state of Kentucky. I have been married to my high school sweetheart for almost nine months now and we embarked on the adventure of marriage two months after I graduated high school. I am nineteen years old and am attending college to get a degree in English and Social Studies Education. My life is in a very crazy, yet simplistic place right now. My husband farms and we own our own greenhouse, all while being full time students. I’ve also recently started my own online graphic design business, White Willow Grove, and, of course, I write my very own blog, Novelties and Trinkets, which has become my very own virtual place in this world.

2. What encouraged you to start Novelties and Trinkets

I’ve always loved being creative. Even as a young girl I was always crafting and wanting to get my hands dirty with projects. Over the years I have added many talents and skills to my life. These skills were inspired by historic crafts (quilting, embroidery, sewing, etc.) that take me back to a simpler time in history where everything was handmade and quaint. These crafts are novelties to me: things that are new and inspiring to me. I also have developed a love for thrift store shopping and antiquing. I love the smells in these stores, the look of all the old vases and quilts on the walls; I love it all. I find so many trinkets in the isles of worn out buildings full of old, historical items that bring a smile to my face. I guess my passion for creating and my hobby of antiquing really encouraged me to start Novelties and Trinkets. My intentions were never to develop a huge amount of subscribers or viewers each month; my intentions were to write to whoever would listen. I’m thankful and humbled by watching my blog grow larger than I could have ever imagined all because there are other people out there who love what I love.

3. Where do you find inspirations for your blog posts? 

I find inspiration in a lot of places. Mainly, my inspiration comes from the projects I hope to accomplish and the recipes I hope to master. I always have my camera ready to capture the end result and I am always excited to start a new post on what I made! Recently, I’ve been inspired by our greenhouse: Wade’s Creek Greenhouses. It’s so amazing to walk into this place everyday and literally watch the plants grow before your eyes. The lighting is inspiring, the growth of the plants are inspiring, and the people I meet through the greenhouse are inspiring.

4. Like you mentioned earlier, you also have the graphic design shop, "White Willow Grove"! Tell us a little about that!

White Willow Grove is my new project. Only, this project is a lot bigger than anything I’ve ever done- it’s a business. One of the many skills that I have taught myself is graphic design. I love the look of simple and quaint designs that are used to celebrate weddings, showers, and parties or even just to say "thank you" on everyday occasions. I have studied different forms of communication throughout history, and one era that inspires and intrigues me is the letter-writing era. There were no keyboards or touch screens, only paper and pencils. I only wish we could go back to that time where thank you cards and letters were sent out on a daily basis. Don’t get me wrong, I love technology; but there’s just something about a personally designed card with handwritten words of love on the inside. So, that’s what I do with White Willow Grove: I personally design stationery that will add a unique touch to any special occasion or that can be used for daily acts of love.
5. Are there any specific bloggers or sites out there that help keep you motivated and inspired?

I absolutely love Natalie Creates. We live a similar lifestyle and I find her posts inspiring. I also love Curio Quilt; she is a Kentucky resident, like myself, and I find her recipes very unique and they are always inspiring me to cook things I have never thought of cooking before! Lastly, I love Under the Sycamore; she was a huge inspiration to me as I was beginning to write my blog. She helped remind me what was important in life and that blogging should always be about what I love, not what will get the most views.

6. How do you balance your blog, shop, and home life? What are some of the struggles you face? How do you overcome them?

It’s actually gotten harder the past few weeks. I’ve had to balance school, blogging, my shop, our greenhouse, marriage and even my own friendships. I used to be able to handle most of what came at me, but I think God is using this time of hardship and overwhelming amounts of duties to really show Himself to me; He wants me to need Him and I’m so glad that I do. I love education and I love pushing myself to achieve a degree, but, I’m in a time of life where I am also pursuing so many other passions, it’s started to get harder to focus on school. Thankfully, I have God. I truly believe that God has a plan for me and He knows the plan of every single day, even when I am struggling to fit it all in. He is my rock during these times and I’m thankful that in the midst of the craziness, I can stop, and remember God. I also try and remember that this time in my life will not be here forever, I need to enjoy every moment of this busy season and embrace the opportunities that God is giving me.

7. What are some of your favorite projects you've worked on so far?

My first quilt. I will never forget the feeling I had when I finally finished my very first, hand stitched quilt. I will keep that thing forever and ever, and I hope that someday, my grandchildren will smile as they look at the stitches that my hand put there.

8. What is the most important part of creating, for you?

The history of what I’m doing and also the future of the project I’m working on. I’m very sentimental, so I love to think of women in the 1930s quilting in the wintertime, and with that love for history, I also like to think that someday, there will be young women who will remember our generation for the crafts that we created.

9. Describe yourself in three words.

Sentimental, antique (I like this word better than vintage), and southern.

10. Any special news you can share for us about Novelties and Trinkets or White Willow Grove? 

Oh goodness, there’s so much going on right now! The biggest thing is the blog series I’ve been working on with some of my friends called Beautifully Created. We are all sharing stories of how we’ve struggled with body image and how our amazing and merciful God pulled us through those times. It’s amazing to see all of my friends be so raw with the world, and I’d love if you checked out the series because we still have so many more posts to go through! And, if any of YOU readers would like to submit a post to be a part of this series (which would be absolutely amazing), PLEASE email me at meagankaypalmer@gmail.com to submit your post and I will choose some of them to be on the blog at the end of the series!

Thank you so much Meagan! It was so nice to get to know you better. If you have a spare second, head on over to Meagan's blog and tell her "hello"! 

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  1. what a lovely young lady! Meagan I wish you all the best in your marriage and all your endeavors. Blessings!


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