Thursday, April 3, 2014

painting themed birthday...

Image courtesy of Sue Kline.

You guys, look at these cuties! I mean, goodness gracious. 

Last year, we had the honor of making little Miss Sammy Lu's 5th birthday cake decorations. Over a year later and those cuties are still some of my favorites, yet! I loved the sweetness behind the whole story, loved the little girl the decorations were for, loved the theme, loved the mama, loved everything! 

So when Sammy Lu's mother contacted me this year requesting the we be the cake decoration makers AGAIN for her daughter's 6th birthday- I was beyond ecstatic! I mean, this mom comes up with some awesome decoration ideas! They're both challenging and extremely fulfilling.

So let me explain the theme behind these cuties. Mama Sue wanted to not only have a "painting" theme, but also wanted to display some of her favorite Sammy Lu art pieces, Sammy Lu's favorite red paintbrush and a sweet little picture of the birthday girl herself (with her favorite bear, of course) on the cake. So, she went around her home, shot some pictures of her favorite artwork of Sammy's, and sent them over. Then, we were to take those art pieces and recreate them on little edible cake plaques, which would then be placed around Sammy's birthday cake come her big day.

Now I use the word "challenge" because as ironic as it sounds- painting like a 5-6 year old is actually really hard! Especially for my husband, who has been painting more and more refined over the years. He's come a long way since finger paints! ;) Kids think a different way than adults, and their paint strokes can be difficult to recreate. He totally had a blast redoing those pieces though!

First up, were the 4 favorite art pieces of Sue's- which each made their home on a 4" edible cake plaque. They were to replicate Sammy Lu's painted rainbow, spaceship, fish, and robot. We wanted to make sure we not only captured the exact brush or finger strokes, but also allowed the correct amount of "paper" to shine through as well. We really wanted it to look like Sammy Lu had literally painted these herself. 

Next, was a 5" edible cake plaque with a hand painted favorite picture of Sue's- little Sammy Lu joyfully holding up her dearest Mr. Bear. She chose to have the picture in black and white, accompanied by a little red heart.

Finally, Sue wanted Sammy's favorite red paintbrush, with her name written across. We hand painted those on a few 5x1" edible cake plaques.

Just love!


  1. Ah, I love this! Such a cute idea for birthday treats. So creative and fun. You did a great job!


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