Tuesday, July 1, 2014

july 2014 desktop calendar...

Can you guys believe we're already into July? July! I mean, the year is literally half way over. Can you believe that? I kind of love July, it's not as hot as our later summer months, but still very much feels like summertime. Plus, it's my husband's birthday month! What's not to love there?

As usual, here is your free desktop calendar! I'm trying out something new with iPad and/or Smart Phone calendar backgrounds too. So, if you use it, let me know how it works! Hoping the generic size will fit all pretty well. To use, simply click link on your computer for computer wallpaper or on your cell phone/iPad for wallpaper for that, and save. Then use like you would any other picture!

Hope you enjoy!

Dates to remember:

July 4th- Independence Day
July 11th- 7-11 Day (head to any 7-11 and get a free slurpee!)



  1. This is so pretty! Thank you for always taking the time to create these for your readers :)

  2. Awe friend, you are SO welcome! Thank you for enjoying :)


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