Wednesday, September 10, 2014

baby update // 16 weeks...

I told myself I'd take professional shots of these updates for my blog. I even put it in my phone, this last Sunday, as a reminder. "Take baby bump photos!" It reminded me...but holy cow I was exhausted from the day before and just couldn't. imagine. getting. dressed. up. and. taking. them. Please forgive me! I promise from here on out there will be way better pics! 

I also couldn't let this milestone pass by! We're at 16 weeks! 4 months! I've been pregnant with little Baby Main for a third of a year! Goodness they're not kidding when they say it goes by fast. Look at that bump! It officially came out a few days ago. Craziness!

Here's to sharing this next season with you all!




A lot more of my normal food loves! Thank goodness! The first trimester and first few weeks of my second really had me hating almost everything. Greek yogurt, bread, fruit, nut butters and almond milk were about all I could even think about consuming. And pizza. MMMmmm pizza. I couldn't get enough of the artichoke/pineapple pizzaaaaaaaa. But this last week has me enjoying and craving a lot more of my normal foods! Like pasta! Eggs! Meat! (kind of) and Veggies! (some...)


More flavored water than I know what to do with. And diluted cranberry juice...and diluted fruit juice (like this delicious stuff!). I read somewhere that 8, 8oz cups was enough for a pregnant woman, so I was sticking to that pretty religiously. I like to add sliced lemons or limes to spice it up. Then we hit the Dr this last Monday, I complained a bit about headaches and she said that we preggies really need to be getting more like 12+ 8oz cups! Sheesh. I thought I was peeing a lot before! You can now find me pretty much living in the bathroom.


Our insurance company sent us a baby book and it's pretty much the only one I'm really reading and taking notes on. I don't want to get lost down the baby book rabbit trail, and kind of am really enjoying this one anyway. It's called "Mayo Clinic Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy". It keeps things pretty black and white, which I appreciate. "Here's what week you're in. Here's the size the baby approximately is. Here's what's going on with his or her body (like the fact he or she grew toenails and fingernails this week!) And here's what you can expect to see or feel in your own body this week." It also includes pregnancy exercises that are safe (and great!) and goes all the way through labor and delivery and then postpartum things. Best part? It's written by doctors who are parents themselves. Score!


I'm finding myself more and more anxious about knowing whether Baby Main is a little boy or girl! We were told we'll find out at our next appointment, which is in about 3 weeks. Can NOT wait. That seems to be the question everyone is asking too! "Are you guys going to find out?" UHHH YEAH WE ARE! I'd die if I knew I could know and...not find out. I was surprised so many people don't find out! We have a lot in our own family who didn't and aren't going to with their own pregnancies. To each their own we say. We can't wait to find out! Like....I'm just so excited. 


We've definitely still been praying for the Lord to open up a little 2 bedroom place for us AND that if not, we (more so, me) have peace about living in our one bedroom with a new little one. If you would, we'd love for prayers with this!


Every night is different, but I find myself becoming adjusted to my new "norm". Half of the nights I wake up every two hours at a screaming bladder, the other half I count it a lucky night if I only got up to use the restroom 2-3 times. I also find myself still waking up flat on my back in the middle of the night, despite my 500 pillows I wedge all around me. Humph. 


So extremely happy to only have had to buy one item of maternity clothes- an Old Navy dark wash skinny jean. With (waaaait for it) full coverage belly fabric stuff. I got it because they were having a sale and I figured I'd need a pair sooner or later. So now my jeans go all the way up to my chest, haha. Woowoo! No, in all seriousness, I'm fortunate enough to still be able to wear my regular jeans and shorts with the help of a belly band (these things rock!) and then my maxi skirts, dresses and shirts were already nice and loose so they still work too! I did have two awesome friends send me their old maternity clothes which I haven't had to get into quite yet! 


Really, really good! Morning sickness has happened maybe twice since I hit my second trimester and the exhaustion has dissipated a tad. I can now function with one nap a day (or sometimes none!), as compared to 3+ a few weeks ago. Sheesh! Definitely get those headaches, but the Lord is good and 1/2 of an extra strength Tylenol seems to pretty much do the trick :) I'm back to almost regularly exercising again (such a life saver), baking, cooking, and cleaning the house! I feel 97% like a human being! Sweet!


When my husband kisses, talks to, or rubs my tummy. It sends me skyrocketing to the moon, every time. 


  1. This is awesome! What an exciting time for you. Your little bump is so cute!

  2. Glad you're are going so well! I'll be praying that you guys find some where lovely with two bedrooms!

  3. Eeeek! There's that cutesy little baby bump! :)

  4. Haha, thank you! It's incredible to see that it is actually there!

  5. Thank you so much, sweet girl! So appreciate that!

  6. So weird that it all of a sudden just pops out like that. One day I look the same, the next day- wham it's there!

  7. Aw, precious! I love that photo, actually. So cute!


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