Friday, September 5, 2014

currently // september edition...


I've been really enjoying Paul E. Miller's "A Loving Life". We've been going through it in my women's book club and I think it's safe to say everyone there is on the same page (har har)- it's a really good one. Basically, you're taken through the book of Ruth and shown what it means to really biblically love someone, even if the circumstances aren't the easiest. Even if the person is a supreme challenge and might not show you biblical love back. It's been encouraging and convicting for sure.

Working On

Other than blog work, I've been personally working on my prayer life and devotional meditative time with the Lord. It's just way too easy for me to "go through the motions" with my daily walk with the Lord and do things just to say to myself, "Yay, you did it. Check!" As we all know, this creates the lamest of relationships with Jesus. Surface to the max! So, I've been challenging myself to really shut off from the rest of the world during devotional time and spend 100% of my thought life with Him while I pray about things, talk to Him, and study His word. 


Kind of really starting to look forward to this month and the upcoming fall season. As you all most likely already know, September is my birthday month and the start of my favorite season in all the land. Where we live, it's still (unfortunately) pretty warm through October, so we won't really feel autumnal until November. BUT that's ok! On the calendar, it's officially FALL come the end of September! The 23rd or something right? Can Not Wait. 

Listening To

Piggy backing off of "Working On"s thoughts- I've also been trying to fill my mind with "thoughts that are true, honest, just, pure, lovely, good, virtuous and praiseworthy" (Philippians 4:8)- you know, to guard against the junk the world tries to make us make really important. One of the biggest ways I know I can personally do that is through the daily music I listen to while I work (sometimes for hours and hours). So I've had my Hillsong and Rend Collective Experiment Pandora Stations pretty much going on non-stop. Sure I change it up from time to time and enter in secular stations (like my Lumineers station and Mumford and Sons), but I try to do more of the "true, pure and praiseworthy" stuff rather than the secular. Make sure I'm getting biblical stuff in my head as much as possible. Plus I find myself singing along which means I'm worshipping all day long- never a bad thing.


Don't judge me, but while New Girl has been on break I needed my fix so badly that I started season 1 all over again. And then season 2. Yikes! 


Pies, pies and pies. Oh and did I mention pie?? I'm so dang obsessed with pies right now, it's not even funny. I literally want to make a pie every single day. I don't even necessarily need to eat it (who am I kidding?), I just want to go through the motion of making the crust and rolling it out and crimping the edges and making the filling and watching it bubble in the oven and ooooze out the sides. I just LOVE pie! 

What are you guys currently up to?

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  1. I love their Willow Art print! Its so dreamy and makes me think of fall

  2. girl i am obsessed with pies right now too.
    and that book sounds really, really interesting!

  3. Love these posts! I'm working on the same things...Fall seems like the perfect time to settle in and really work on prayer/devotions. Have you heard of Val Woener's prayer journals? I just got one for my birthday and am really excited for some more structure during my prayer time. {etsy shop here} And I'm adding that book to my reading list!

    Girl, those two pandora stations were my absolute favorites right after Caleb was born. We filled our nursing time with them and it was so special and worshipful :)

  4. It's really good! I kind of like the way Paul E Miller writes. His first book we did- Love Walked Among Us, was great too. It taught how to love like Jesus did.

  5. Totally checking out that journal now!


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