Friday, October 31, 2014


To some, Halloween-time and autumn is a pretty special time of year. It kind of kicks off the whole holiday season. The weather gets snugglier, families get together more often, and most of the time, traditions break out. 

For us Mains, the fall months (especially around Halloween) very much bring on traditions we decided to start once we got married and will continue to do once Baby Main is here. I'm so excited for that! 

For one, sometime during the months of October and November we head up to Oak Glen where they have an annual apple festival for a few weekends. We taste amazingly different kinds of fresh grown on the premises, apples, drink fresh made apple cider, eat apple pie and made-to-order apple cider donuts (see picture above), and always come home with a few pounds of delicious apples to bake with later that week. 

For Halloween, we usually keep it simple- decorate a pumpkin or two, watch some sort of cheesy scary movie (my husband's favorite part) and roast pumpkin seeds. Lately though, we've added walking around our neighborhood at night giggling at all the trick or treaters and smiling at the cute little costumes. Next year we'll have a little one all dressed up of our own! Mind. Blown.

I thought it would be fun this month, to ask some of my bloggy friends the same question- what Halloween and Fall traditions do they love to do each year? Check em out!

Becca // We LOVE to roast pumpkin seeds. I try to roast them with different spices so each batch turns out a little different. Pumpkin seeds are such an addicting snack! I look forward to carving pumpkins every year just so I can roast pumpkin seeds.

Melissa // We get a big kick out of Halloween in our household. Now that we have our little, we dress her up and do a quick trick-or-treat journey around the neighborhood. We then come home and set up a few chairs on our porch and wait for the kiddies to come by. We love seeing all the cute (and sometimes, not-so-cute) costumes and our little one gets a big kick out of helping us pass out candy to all the kiddos! Charlie Brown's Great Pumpkin is most likely playing all day on our t.v. just to help get us into the Halloween Spirit.

Kenzie // We love to go to the pumpkin patch and then take our daughter trick or treating!

Samantha // This is such a tough one. Since moving to SoCal we actually haven't done anything for Halloween. Last year we totally just stayed home and watched a movie. We have been working on creating Fall traditions though which has been really fun. I think one that we would like to start would be camping. We love camping and there is something wonderful about camping in the Fall. 

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