Friday, November 14, 2014

6th anniversaries // oak glen...

How fun are anniversaries? 

I mean really. Aren't they kind of the best day ever? It's like you and your spouse's own little lovey dovey day. Your own Valentine's Day! A whole 24 hours where you can be as cheesy and silly and whatever else, as you darn well please. Bill and I LOVE when our anniversary rolls around. We make or buy Etsy cards, fill it with the sappiest words ever, make delicious breakfast for each other (this year it was Coriander Lattes and Norwegian Rømmegrot), and spoil each other rotten. It's also always in November- which means it's FALL! Plus, it's a day where it's just him and I. Oh, also...a day filled with more delightful food is always involved. 

If you're a long time reader of SLBS, you may already know that we also adore heading out of town for the day to a little town in the San Bernardino mountains- Oak Glen. We did it for our 3rd anniversary and sadly, haven't been back since! Shoot how did that happen?? We used to go every single year. Why do we love Oak Glen so much? Well, it's a 5 mile stretch of road around a little mountain FILLED with mom and pop apple orchards and little shops! Apple pies, tarts, ice cream, jam, butters, shakes, donuts...I mean, it's practically apple heaven. Every fall we used to go just to get our fill of all things apple!

Gosh I love looking at those 3rd anniversary pictures! Goodness how things have changed in three wonderful years. I also love the stark weather difference! It was SO cold the last time we were up and this particular weekend was boiling hot! Same weekend, same day...but like night and day!

There's also the belly. 

If you're ever wanting to get out of Los Angeles for the day, this is a great place to visit!

Yikes, isn't he just the most handsome? Sheesh. 

We highly recommend Mom's. First off, they always have about 67,000 different types of jams, jellies, butters, pickled yummies, mustards and so on for you to sample. I may have slightly exaggerated. But only slightly. That right there wins in my book. I want to taste all the things. Their apples are delicious and hand picked and if you're not in the mood for apples, they have a tiny little freshly picked veggie and baked bread section as well. 

Mom's also sells that delectable caramel you see dripping down those apple cuties! So you now can eat it with your fingers on your way off the mountain and back home!

Next is Apple Annie's- which just by the line itself, you know is good. They're known for their "mile high apple pie" which is, if I remember correctly, 5 friggin pounds of apple pie goodness. All for only like $13 or $14! No, we didn't partake. I'm a lame-o. Baby made me need real food (pfffft), so we ate lunch at their restaurant (protein is goooooood) and made a nice little buffer for all the sugar and carbohydrates. 

Maybe the best ice cream I've had in a long time- Straus Creamery Organic Caramel Toffee Crunch with sliced bananas at Angus McCurdy's Creamery. I tricked myself into thinking I was doing something good by adding real fresh banana slices to this stuff. Please. Like the 7 slices we got really did anything to combat all that sugary yumminess. And yes, I know- no apples anywhere in sight. It was hot. Baby Main wanted it. It was worth it. I'd eat 100 more.

I don't know why, but we always get our actual apples from Laws Apple Shed and Cider Mill. Maybe it's because they have the best prices on apples, maybe it's also because they allow you to sample any and every apple you want (as many times as you want) and are super friendly. Last time we were there we fell in love with their Arkansas Black, but this year Pippin won our hearts. Slightly tart and slightly sweet. I have big plans for homemade apple butter for these babies. 

Gosh, I just realized next year will be just as different! We'll be toting a little one around! Eeeeep! How do you like to celebrate anniversaries?

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