Tuesday, December 16, 2014

12 christmas cookie ideas...

I can't get enough of the holiday cookie baking right now. It was pies and now it's cookies for me. I find myself dreaming of cookies, craving cookies, eating all the cookies and then needing more. It's an insatiable appetite! 

They're just so fun to make, the perfect size for individual snacking (or binge eating) and make such great gifts for loved ones. Plus Christmastime is like total cookie baking time! Win. Win.

Here are 12 of my most favorite cookie recipes- some I've made literally 20 times because I just can't get enough. Oh and those vanilla bean shortbread cookies- they are my top viewed, baked and loved cookie of all time. It never fails- every Christmas season they skyrocket up to the top. They're pretty dang good :)

Hope you'll make some cookies this holiday season and try some new recipes while you're at it!

Happy baking!


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