Thursday, December 18, 2014

baby update // 30 weeks...

Hey guys! It's been a whole month since my last baby update! I kid not- time is seriously flying by! I meant to do this two weekends ago...and then the weekend after that. Then before I knew it, it had been a month and I knew no matter what, this HAD to be done! I'm going to blink and Baby Main is going to be here!

Not without another baby update though :)

As you can clearly see, I'm at week 30!!!! 10 MORE WEEKS TO GO! This means I'm in my third trimester! 3RD guys! That's the last one! Baby Main is weighing about as much as a cabbage- so around 3 whole pounds! I'd like to say my massive weight gain was because I had a 20+ pound baby in there...but no...he's just a tiny 3 pound baby face. 3 pounds...that's incredibly cute. Too bad they still need to grow more. I'd love to have an itsy bitsy whittle 3 pound babylove. Of course if that was a healthy thing to do. Which it isn't. So grow baby, grow! 

This time I wanted to spice up the old routine and let my husband answer the questions from his perspective- a guy's and daddy-to-be's insight! Fun right? We'll see ;)

Week 30. I had to ask Christina what week she was even though as I'm typing this, the post title is, "baby update // 30 weeks..." Because, you know, guy stuffs.

Hmm, let's see. Christina has been super diligent about eating right even though I've been trying to ride her "GIMMEE ALL THE SWEETS" hormonal pregnancy craving coattails and call it sympathy eating. In all honesty we've been pretty good considering Thanksgiving and its double dinner delights. We do both families so it's a sight to see. Oh! Lots of alliteration up in this mug.

Smoothies abound in our household like no other beverage. Is it a beverage? Is it a meal? Yes. Yes it is. 

We've been reading a lovely devotional together many nights. It's a good opportunity to talk to our little manchild. Although I feel like my voice just freaks him out because every time I talk to him he tries to punch my face. That's fine, I'll show him...just wait dude. On the playground, three o'clock.

Christina wants every baby outfit her eyeballs see. Well, just the good ones, she'd say. ;) We've been working on self-control. We've been so excited to be blessed by so many friends and family members that want to hook us up with boy stuff though. Cute stuff, so it's been good.

We've been doing a lot of praying! A few things have been persistently bugging Christina as of late. A pesky pain in her right, front rib, back pain, and hips that don't lie. They also don't feel good when she sleeps on them so there's flip flopping all night long.

I sleep like a baby. That's a dumb analogy. I sleep like I'm under general anesthesia. That's more like it. If I were to count backwards from one hundred after my head hit the pillow, I'd get to ninety-five and then be dreaming of myself sleeping in a hammock with sheep jumping over me. Christina, on the other hand, has really not been sleeping well. Said discomfort in the "praying for" section is the culprit. I'd trade our sleep schedules if I could but alas, I'm powerless to do it.

Comfortable clothes. For her: dresses, workout pants or pajamas. Me: I'm only happy in my cutoff Rat Fink shirt that no matter how many times you bleach it, still kind of smells like a gym bag.

Shirt // Gifted. Pants // Old Navy Maternity.
Ready to meet this guy!!! I think we're also feeling a little pulled all over over the place with all the doctor appointments, lab tests, pre birth classes and whatnot. A long weekend would be awesome. Or peoples, just hanging out with peoples would be good. Yup...gotta love them peoples.

We love to pretend to know what he's going to look like. Over dinner tonight we had a conversation of what features from each family member he might have. That's a favorite game. I keep meaning to make a little drawing template of baby Main that we can doodle on and come up with different mixes of what he might pop out looking like.

Welp, I really hope that I didn't just lose my lovely wife hundreds of followers. Be kind, don't unfollow her. She's cool peoples.

Until next time!

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