Monday, December 1, 2014

december 2014 free desktop calendar...

Oh hi December. I have to admit, I'm surprised to meet you. But, as you probably already know- also extremely happy because well, you're December. December is fun. You're fun. It's the last desktop calendar of the year friends! Another year coming to a close. A really busy, exciting, challenging, and surprising year, huh? Hope 2014 treated you well. 

Dates to remember:

December 21st- First Day of Winter
December 24th- Christmas Eve
December 25th- Christmas Day
December 31st- New Year's Eve



  1. Thank you for sharing! My desktop definitely needed some love!

  2. Awe friend that would be so fun!! So wish we lived closer for reasons like this (amongst others) :) And gosh- sorry you experienced the ligament pain!! SO HAPPY IT GETS BETTER! Was it just time or anything specific you did to help??


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