Friday, December 19, 2014

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Hi guys, I’m Meagan Palmer, the writer behind the blog Novelties and Trinkets. I started blogging almost 2 years ago. Ever since my first post, the whole world of blogging has mesmerized me, encouraged me and inspired me. I've focused my blog on recipes, travel and life experiences. There's something for everyone at Novelties and Trinkets and it's growing each day. This space on the internet has been such a blessing to my life. My whole goal with Novelties and Trinkets is to connect like minded people who love what I love: simple, traditional arts and practices that can be passed down and enjoyed by all generations. I hope you stop by sometime and enjoy the great food and travel with me.

Because of how much Novelties and Trinkets has grown over the last two years I've been able to launch a sponsorship program which will help fund the expenses associated with my blog! If you are interested in very affordable advertising, please visit here. Through this program I hope to provide you with opportunities to reach new people for very affordable prices! Anyway, that's not why I'm writing today. I'm writing to share with you guys a personal look into my life: I was sitting on our couch watching Parks and Recreation on Netflix when my husband burst through the door. I knew by the look on his face there was something he needed to tell me.  He sat down next to me, turned off the television and took my hands. “We’re going to Nicaragua,” he said. I immediately started asking so many questions. When? Where? How long? How much? Who? As he began to answer all of these
questions, a peace came over me. I’ve never been on a mission trip before. I’ve gotten close to going so many times but each time something stood in my way. This time, I knew it would be different.  

My husband and I are going on this mission trip on the last week in May. We have already sacrificed so much for this trip, but it has been such a rewarding experience. I’ve been forced to put all of my trust in God and I’ve been able to see what it means to lovingly submit to my husband. He has prayed over this trip and knows it is what God wants for our family. I am incredibly humbled and excited to see how God uses me to glorify Himself and also how He will use this trip to change my life. 

We are going to Nicaragua with a group of friends from a few different colleges in Kentucky. We are going to be partnering and staying with an organization called Partners in Christ. They will host us while in Nicaragua and they will also help us navigate and travel from Managua (the capital of Nicaragua) to the village we will be ministering to. 

While we are in Nicaragua, we will be visiting a school and village that has never been helped before. Our plan is to teach at the school each day we are there. We will be teaching the students stories from the Bible and ultimately sharing the Gospel with them. We will also be doing street ministry throughout the small village as well. Overall, we will be showing God’s love through our teaching and spending time with the students throughout the whole week. I am already daydreaming of the students I will meet and love I will be able to show them. 

We are so thankful for this opportunity to serve our God. This is where I humbly ask you for your prayers. We cannot do this without prayer and I am a firm believer in the great power prayer holds. Pray for my husband and I as we mentally, spiritually and physically prepare for this trip; pray for our team as we plan and raise money for the trip; and pray for all we come into contact with, that they may see the love of God shine through us in our words and actions.

My husband and I are also in need of financial help to pay for our trip. We are two married college students who cannot afford the $3000 it will take to send us both to Nicaragua. We believe God will provide the money we need and we are not worried. If you would like to give to help us out, please visit our Go Fund Me page. We will be forever thankful for your kindness.

Thank you all so much for listening to our story. We are incredibly thankful for the body of Christ! Also, I want to thank Christina for allowing me to share this exciting opportunity for the Gospel on her blog, she’s been such a great support.

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