Tuesday, February 17, 2015

baby update // 39 weeks...

Friends, we are here. We are like, SO here. As I sit here at the computer getting ready to type out our last maternity post...I'm just in awe and shock. Can you believe we're here? Because I surely can't. 

I mean, I can in a sense because Ive been pregnant for 10 freaking months... you know, 5/6 of the year... but I also can't because that means any day now we'll be starting this brand new season of life called parenthood. Not to be confused with the TV show Parenthood (which is really, really good btw). I may or may not have been binge watching that dang series on Netflix for the past few weeks. 

I feel like I'm finally settled into my new pregnant shoesies! Like, ok, I've been doing this so long that I now have the hang of it. And now it's over. Phew. Whirlwind to the max. Any who, it's been such a fun experience to share with you all and I just can't wait to share with you guys little baby and all our fun mommy and daddy shenanigans! Aggggg guys!

Oh and incase you're wondering about the melon- he now weighs about the same as a heavy honeydew! About 7 pounds (although we know he's a bit more)! Phew.




Chocolate like it's going out of style. This craving isn't going anywhere. It's bad. Like, BAD. And all my family and friends aren't helping with their "donations" of bags of Hershey's nuggets and fun sized bars delivered to my house, either. Not that I'm complaining, really. I mean...when else do you get to eat chocolate for breakfast, lunch, and dinner? Then 7 o'clock rolls around and I've realized I really need to stuff my face full of those good for you things like protein, calcium and fruits and veggies. Because living off of sugary chocolate miiiiiiight not be the best thing for Baby Main and I. 


MmMmmMmm, Trader Joe's Lime Flavored Sparkling Water. Gosh that stuff is amazing. Plus a huge bottle is $.99 which means I can get ALL THE BOTTLES and not share whatsoever. Bwahahahahahahaha. Just kidding. Sort of. 


I made the mistake of reading some labor and delivery things on the internet recently and now I'm scarred for life. Hey friends, if you're pregnant....do me a favor and NEVER google or search for anything pregnancy related on the internet. Ask a friend. Buy a book. Or wait to talk to your doctor. The internet's answers are purely there to scare the crap out of you. And give you nightmares. Trust me. 


I don't even know what I'm wanting! Part of me desperately wants to hold his tiny little baby hands and kiss his tiny little baby nose like, yesterday and then another part of me wants time to stop for just a little while longer so I can fully absorb this time where it's just Bill and I. Last night as we we're going to bed we said goodnight and then stopped...looked at each other and said, "it's been a really good 14 years just you and I." Then I cried and melted into tiny tear puddles. Becoming a parent is weird. 


Pretty much the same things: a safe and healthy labor and delivery for Baby Main and I, that the Lord would just guide all the nurses and doctor's hands, hearts and minds, wisdom for Bill, strength for us all...and just an easy transitional time. 


I slept for 3 solid hours the other night and could have rejoiced all ding dang day. Then I finally got up in the morning, did an hour of work, and needed 4,577 more naps. Naps guys, are the best. 


Mostly stretchy things that allow me to sit and lay in the weird poses I need to do in order to get comfy. Although! The other day I actually put jeans on (for these pictures) and it felt good to be a human being again for the day. 


Feeling all sorts of weird things! Everyone keeps saying it means labor is close, so that's exciting!

Bill Main, our kitties, our home and my life as I currently know it. I'm soaking up everything around me every so often so I can cherish these blessings the Lord has given us in the past and will do in the future! 

This friends, is the face of a 39 week pregnant wife's husband. He's totally ready for Baby Main ;)

Shirt // H&M. Jeans // Old Navy Maternity.

Well this is it! Our last maternity post has finally come to an end. Eeeeeeeeep! Can't wait to hang out again with you all,  on the other side!


  1. You are the cutest. Definitely praying for all three of you as Baby Main enters the world!!

  2. You're so kind! Thank you for the prayers too. I can't believe we're here...like totes here!

  3. I'm so excited for you!!! I'll be praying for a safe and easy delivery!!! Hugs!!

  4. Love your post!praying for you

  5. Ah! So exciting! Prayers to all three of you while you enter this new phase of life!

  6. You look so fantastic!!! Embrace those comfy clothes!!

  7. I'm sooooo excited for you! I will be praying for a fast, easy delivery of a healthy baby. You will be such a great mom!!! Can't wait for pictures of the little guy. :)

  8. Wooohoooo :D So awesome! I'm a couple of weeks behind ya, and I'm getting antsy already ;) I'm LOVING my maxi skirts right now -- so comfy and non-constricting! I love your updates and photography, this baby is going to have a lovely life with you! I'm with you on chocolate -- something amazing to be craving!
    Enjoy this, and I'll take your avoid-searching-the-internet advice!
    :) praying now for peace for you!

  9. Eeeeep! I'm SO EXCITED for you guys!! And I most definitely teared up at the story of you guys saying goodnight..so much love!

  10. I recently started following you on Instagram and have enjoyed your pregnancy posts (I'm 17 weeks myself). You look great and congrats on being almost there and getting to meet your baby soon!

  11. Tip for peeling: break the shell on the bottom (wide part). There should be an air pocket. Then you should have enough room to get a small, thin spoon and scoop it out. You may have to peel most of the bottom away first, but if your spoon is thin enough it should just "turn" inside the shell and pop it out with minor damage (and most importantly, it's quick. Peeling eggs takes so long!).


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