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guest post // baby faves with lovely indeed...

Friends! As you know I'm currently taking some much needed mommy/baby/daddy time after the birth of our little one :) Aggg guys, we're parents!!!! So during this transition into our new season of life, I've invited some of my most beloved and dear blog friends to help me out, in the form of unique and wonderful guest posting! Today, I'm honored to have Chelsea of Lovely Indeed take over. 

Hey gang! Chelsea here from Lovely Indeed, so happy to be filling in while Christina is snuggling the new little one! I'm actually a new mama myself, so I thought in honor of our tiny people I'd share a few favorite things that have been lifesavers during my little guy's first couple of months. 

I'm gonna be real with you -- not all of these things are glamorous. But neither is motherhood all the time, right?! I'm discovering that most of the time motherhood is more like just guessing what will work for you and your baby and sort of blindly winging it until you're both happy. It's totally crazy and scary and thrilling and wonderful. But if there are any mamas out there who find even one or two of these things helpful, I'll consider it a win. And if you're not a mom but may be someday -- bookmark this page. Just trust me. 

Honest Shampoo and Body Wash. No joke, when we use this on Henry it makes him smell like a creamsicle. 

My Brest Friend. What a terrible name for a nursing pillow, right? Ugh I really can't stand it. But! If you're nursing, it is a lifesaver. It clips around your waist to stay in place and has little head boosters for baby. There's also a pocket where you can keep important stuff. Like the TV remote. 

BabyLit Books. These have to be the most charming kids books around. They're classic tales told through incredible illustration and used to teach simple concepts like colors, numbers, and more. Right now Henry loves Frankenstein (it's all about body parts, get it?).

Tommie Tippee Closer to Nature Pacifiers. I'm not looking to start a great debate on the use of pacifiers here, guys, but sometimes we just have to use 'em. They have helped on long car rides and in desperate moments of getting the little one to calm down and sleep. These are our favorite -- Henry takes them easily and we can also take them out easily while he falls asleep so he doesn't nap with a pacifier the whole time. That, and the Britain designs are adorable.

Old Navy Striped Waffle Knit Pants. Our little guy has lived in these for the last few weeks. I bought a few pairs when he was born and they've held up so well -- and they add a little cuteness to a plain onesie. They're cozy for the cold and plenty comfy (and so affordable!).

Nosefrida Snot Sucker. I said it wasn't all glamorous, right? I'm gonna get real here. Our tiny dude has a stuffy nose pretty often, and it just breaks my heart to hear him snorting and sniffling while he's trying to breathe. This contraption is crazy -- you put one end gently at the opening of baby's nostril, the other end in your mouth, and you literally suck out what's inside. Don't worry, there's a filter that keeps anything from coming out of the nose and going straight into your mouth (that would probably be impossible anyway with the way that the thing is built). But it works one hundred percent of the time, and baby always breathes easier. We use a little saline mister first (this is our favorite) to loosen up any dry gunk, and then go to town with the Nosefrida. Problem solved.

So! If you're a mama and have any favorite things you use for your baby, leave them in the comments so we can help out Christina with her tiny new sweetie! We moms have to stick together, after all. xoxo

Thank you so much Chelsea!! These are fantastic! For amazing DIYs, more on motherhood, and a few laughs along the way, please check out Lovely Indeed!

Although I'm not around here as much as I'd like to be, you can still stay in touch (and ooooh and ahhhhh with me at HOW CUTE OUR BUNDLE OF JOY IS!!!) via Facebook, Twitter and my favorite- Instagram!

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