Tuesday, April 21, 2015

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Friends! As you know I'm currently taking some much needed mommy/baby/daddy time after the birth of our little one :) Aggg guys, we're parents!!!! So during this transition into our new season of life, I've invited some of my most beloved and dear blog friends to help me out, in the form of unique and wonderful guest posting! Today, I'm honored to have Olivia of Mane Message take over. 

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Let's be honest for a second, we are all constantly on our various devices. Whether it's a smart phone, tablet or computer it's seems almost impossible to unplug completely. Especially if you're running an online business like me. I'm not here to judge you. There's no shame it in. Hey, it's 2015 after all. These devices have become vital tools that enable us reach people around globe, stay organized and learn. 

I wanted to share a few of my favorite apps with you. I'm going to skip over obvious choices, such as, Instagram + Pinterest, and hone in on some gems that have become essential to my daily life. I tried to choose apps that can be used across various platforms and are not exclusively for the iPhone (although that's where I primarily use them). 

Timehop - I'm sentimental beyond belief and this is one of my favorites hands down. Timehop gathers your social media updates from the current day throughout history. I check it over coffee every morning without fail. I love seeing what I was up to/thinking about 6+ years ago.

Evernote - It took me ages to commit to using Evernote on a regular basis. I will say now that I completely understand people's obsession with it. I rely on it heavily and use it on all of my devices. You'll find me using Evernote to snap photos of business receipts, log my day dreams and bookmark articles I want to read later. 

Todoist - Great to-do list app with a clean design. I love that you can assign tasks to other people. I use this to collaborate with my employees. It helps us keep track of projects and complete daily tasks. My boyfriend and I also use it for meal planning and grocery lists. 

IFTTT - This might be the nerdiest of the bunch, but it's amazing. Trust me. IFTTT stands for If This Then That. Basically, you can make "if" to connect different online platforms to each other. Example: Every time I Instagram it copies the image to my Dropbox folder. Or if the weather forecast calls for rain it tells ToDoist to remind me to bring an umbrella. Pretty nifty. 

Vsco Cam - Hands down my favorite photo editing app. I can get lost in the different film settings.  

Audible - I'm dyslexic, so reading can be challenging for me. Audible has without a doubt changed my life. It allows me to listen to books on tape easily. The app syncs your position across devices (even on your Kindle!), so you can listen anywhere. I love listening to books while I'm making hair ties, doing dishes or driving. On average I listen to a book a week.

There you go! There are tons of others, but these are the ones that I'm currently obsessed with. I hope these add organization + fun to your online life. 

Thank you so much Olivia! I have to admit, I'm such a sucker for the VSCO and Evernote Apps! My dad actually got me hooked on Evernote and I haven't switched back to normal note taking since! I love that I can make a note on my iPhone and it will be automatically synced to all my devices! So much better than the old note app which comes standard on iPhones/iPads. For the best and cutest hair ties ever (believe me, I have about 100) please check out Mane Message!

Although I'm not around here as much as I'd like to be, you can still stay in touch (and ooooh and ahhhhh with me at HOW CUTE OUR BUNDLE OF JOY IS!!!) via FacebookTwitter and my favorite- Instagram!

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