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danielle walker's new 'celebrations' cookbook...

If you've been following along with my blog for a while, you know I am no stranger to Danielle Walker and her blog, Against All Grain and her first two cookbooks, 'Meals Made Simple' and 'Delectable Paleo Recipes'. I love, love, love the recipes Danielle comes up with and since being diagnosed with Hashimoto's Disease a few months ago, have loved her recipes and encouragement even more.

I am not lying when I say I cook from one of her first two cookbooks 4-6 times a week. My husband and I now refer to her as "our friend Danielle", as in "Is this dinner another one from our friend, Danielle?" "Yes. Yes it is!" Haha.

So you can imagine the excitement I (and apparently Mombi girl) expressed when I found out that 1. She was coming out with ANOTHER COOKBOOK!!!!!!!!! This new one is called, 'Celebrations' and comes out September 27th. 2. 'Celebrations' would be geared towards all the celebratory events one might feel left out at, upon having a strict diet (like BIRTHDAYS! CHRISTMAS! and THANKSGIVING!) and 3. I was chosen as one of her launch team members. What?

So I received an early copy of the book (wheeeeee!!!!!!) and spent that whole night tabbing, highlighting, dog-earing and jotting down notes with the recipes I wanted to tackle. Man, those recipes are amazing.

I dove right in that next day and happily made this amazing Heirloom Tomato, Watermelon and Basil Salad for a Labor Day potluck we had with a few great friends. You will be able to find this recipe in her "Fourth of July" section, page 168. It was extremely fresh, tasty and a welcomed treat! All my friends couldn't believe how easy it was to make too- totally was the showstopper of the night!

Having a long busy day one day, I decided to make Danielle's Green Chile Chicken Soup, which literally consisted of throwing a bunch of fresh ingredients into my crockpot, setting it, and forgetting it until dinner time. A little cilantro, lime and avocado prep a few minutes before dinner, and we were set with a healthy, unprocessed, yummy dinner. You'll be able to find this amazing recipe in her "Game Day Buffet" section, page 57.

Then, last week, we had my husband's 92 year old grandmother over for dinner. Once more, I flipped open my new cookbook and browsed through for recipes I could wow her with, but were a little on the milder side, because she's an old soul. I loved the idea of taking Danielle's Butternut Sage Carbonara recipe, and using the sauce to plate with chicken. (Again, grandma probably wasn't going to have butternut squash voodles, teehee) Not only did she love the sauce, but she couldn't believe that it was made without the use of dairy or a thickener! You can find this in the "Halloween: Autumn Dinner Party" section, page 224.

My husband loves burgers, so one night for dinner I took some ground turkey and made the Burger Bites recipe, into a salad! Served alongside her dairy-free Herb Ranch Dressing (which includes a homemade mayonnaise!), page 326. I LOVED the flavors included in the ground meat and will seriously be making these puppies again. Her recipe makes 30 bites, but we of course scaled it down to feed us 3 :) This recipe is in the "Birthday Party" section, page 140.

Last night (this is my favorite part), my little guy Luke and I were able to chop up some fruit and make a delicious, healthy and super tasty fruit salsa for our blackened salmon dinner. The original recipe called for stone fruits, but all I had were some nectarines and mangoes, so thats what we used! Luke LOVED being able to squeeze (AND EAT) the limes into the salsa and mix it all around. And I loved watching him take joy in cooking! You can find her Blackened Salmon with Stone-Fruit Salsa recipe in the "Fourth of July Barbecue" section, page 177.

This morning for breakfast, we all enjoyed...wait for it...'CORN'bread', which I kid you not, almost tasted like the real dang thing. I subbed cashew flour for the almond flour, because I'm intolerant of almonds right now- so know this: you can sub cashew flour for almond in a 1:1 ratio and it works great! Bill and Luke had theirs with butter and honey, and I just simply drizzled mine with a light drizzle of honey. It was perfect. Warm, bread-y, filling and made with all the things my body works well with! Score. You can find this in the "Father's Day Cookout" section, page 131.

And maybe the most exciting thing yet- Danielle included recipes for Eggnog (YES!), PUMPKIN SPICE LATTES and this, Gingerbread Latte! Creamy as all can be, frothy (with the use of an emersion blender or blender), and literally tasting just like gingerbread! I made this into a creamer (recipe sans the coffee) and then enjoyed it poured into my morning coffee and matcha tea in the morning! Bill said it was great in his black tea too! So thats good to know! This recipe is in her "Christmas Breakfast" section page 272. 

Next on my list is her Peach Cobbler, which I plan on making for my mom's birthday tomorrow! WHEEEEEEEEE!

I really cannot refer this new book enough, friends. I mean it. If you're an avid Paleo-er or looking to get into it for whatever reason, I highly recommend this new book (or any of her other books). Now, back to that peach cobbler! 

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