Monday, April 24, 2017

diy minimalist soap dispensers...

Ahhhh minimalism. 

Don't we all just love that word? That movement? That everything?

I don't know about you guys, but over here, we're ALL about the minimalist movement. AKA: PURGE ALL THE THINGS AND ONLY KEEP WHAT'S ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY/IMPORTANT. Quality over quantity. Less is more. You get the point. 

We started years ago, got lazy, had a baby, acquired 34 zillion baby/toddler toys and looked around one day amazed and bewildered! How did we acquire so much stuff again?? #babies So we started our own little minimalist movement up once more. 

If it's not something we absolutely life or death just cannot live without? See ya. We've gotten rid of dressers, armoires, so much kitchen stuff, clothes beyond belief, blankets and sheets, towels, name it. It's sort of addicting. The more stuff we get rid of, ha wouldn't you believe it, the better our tiny home looks (and the better I feel)!

Since we've been purging ALL THE THINGS (which happened to be a lot of cheap things we got because they were "on sale"), we were allowed to consciously purchase items that will last us for years to come. Like these nice new glass amber bottles that I turned into kitchen and bathroom soap dispensers. They complete the look we're going for in both rooms: less is more, quality over quantity and "if you can make it yourself it, DO!" I've already been making our dish and hand soaps for some time now, but always just adding them to an old Mrs Meyer's bottle. Which over time has gotten pretty dingy, ripped and torn, and was a tad misleading. Read: peppermint soap in a geranium labeled bottle. Ooops!

This diy is so easy it's a joke. I mean I literally did it while eating some chips after the baby went down for his nap. Should I even post step by step instructions?!!?? Oy. Guys, it's so easy.


So here we go!

All you need to do is dry off and buff the outside of your bottles, making sure that the surface is clean of any debris or dust. Why glass? Because the soaps I make use essential oils and essential oils and plastic don't mix ;)

Then I found it was easiest to do this alone by placing the bottle on its side on a clean dish towel so that the dish towel held the bottle in place. 

Peel off the sticker of choice and carefully place on the glass bottle, pressing down carefully and slowly as to keep the letters straight and eliminate any air bubbles. I did an "H" for hand soap and a "D" for dish! Easy peasy.

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Ridiculous right? Ridiculously good looking and easy is what it is. Get ready to fall in love all ding dang day whenever you have to wash your hands or dishes! Hey, dishes just became fun again! #momwin

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