Monday, November 13, 2017

thanksgiving recipe roundup...

Hey friends!

Thanksgiving is sneaking up on us fast. Real fast! So I wanted to take a second to round up our favorite Thanksgiving inspired dishes, desserts, drinks, and leftovers(!!!) for you all in case you were looking for a little inspiration still. I know I am!

Some of them are Paleo, some are Gluten free, and some are good ol fashioned butter, sugar, flour babies. I wanted to make sure there was something for everyone. So, if you're needing some help, I hope these ideas will come to your rescue and get your Thanksgiving spirits going!

I also thought of titling this, "Let's take a walk down memory lane of the progression of Christina's photography skills" hahaha. Oh well.

thanksgiving turkey thai crunch salad using leftover roasted turkey // homemade turkey stock using those leftover turkey carcasses //pumpkin pie smoothie using any left over pumpkin puree // roasted harvest soup using any leftover roasted veggies

Happy Thanksgiving, friends! 

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