Wednesday, January 31, 2018

new business venture...

You guys! I have such exciting news!

No, we're not pregnant. 😜 I made the mistake of starting something off like that before and someone got sooooo excited that we were going to have another baby. Alas, no. No baby.

So what is it?

Well after a lot of prayer, my husband and I decided that I would start my own oil business! dōTERRA oil to be more exact! And now that it's finally happening and going, I'm so so so excited and happy we did it! I had been on the fence for a long while- not because of the oils, because with those I was SO obsessed. You probably knew that already though- especially if you are a follower of  my Facebook or Instagram. But more so because we've been down the path with owning our own businesses for so long. We've been there, done that. Then we stopped after Luke was born and I swore I would never ever ever do it again. 

But you guys, I can't stop talking about and sharing my passion for essential oils! I find myself talking to friends, family, neighbors, STRANGERS about them! Making sample bottles. Roller bottles as gift! You name it, I'm doing it. So I guess it was just a matter of time.

I first really discovered, experimented with, and understood the power behind essential oils about two years ago, after my diagnosis of the autoimmune disease Hashimotos. Sure I dabbled here and there years before, mostly diffusing. But, desperate to find relief from my daily symptoms, I quickly and abruptly changed my diet to a natural simple one (Paleo), got rid of ALL our conventionally bought products and was determined to do as much research as I could to heal myself the natural way (and better support my family’s health as well along the way)!

Enter dōTERRA essential oils. I was such a skeptic. My thoughts about them were, they smell great! And, make a really lovely natural perfume. I really couldn’t understand what they did or why. But again being desperate to feel better, I gave them a shot. And you know what? They helped me in so many ways throughout that next year. I was hooked. I saw first hand how certain oils relieved my depression and anxiety, helped me sleep deeper and better, calmed my restless toddler, helped my husband's daily neck tension, allergies, acid reflux AND MORE.

And that was that. We were a dōTERRA family and weren’t ever going to stop.

Like I mentioned before, in the last year I’ve found myself educating others around me, making blends and roller bottles and sprays for family and friends, and getting more and more passionate about wanting everyone I know to feel their absolute best, and achieving that through the amazing power of these natural oils. I want people to feel great, sleep better, breathe deeply, and just live life to it’s fullest. And as cheesy as it sounds, essential oils have helped us do just that tremendously.

So friends, if this is something you are interested in, or already love, I am here to educate you as best I can so that you are empowered to use your oils as best as one can! I’m here to answer ANY questions you might have. ❤️ You can follow my journey along on my NEW Instagram and of course, you can find my website here :)

Hope to find you guys there!

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