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Since I started selling dōTERRA (and even before that, now that I think of it), the most common questions I get regarding essential oils is, where to find certain supplies and resources!

I get asked these questions so frequently as a matter of fact, that I decided to make a one stop shop for all your essential oil supply needs. Now, there are as many resources and places to buy things as there are people on this beautiful earth. But, these are what I have personally used or currently use, and love and can vouch for their quality. 

And, if you're wondering, they are all found on Amazon which, lets be honest, is one of the greatest places to buy things in all the land. I can't quit Amazon. I literally order something from that dang place almost every. single. day. So if you have an Amazon Prime membership and have recently started with essential oils, you guys- these are for you!

Roller Bottles

This is BY FAR, my most asked about resource. So friends, these are my favorite roller bottles you can find on Amazon! It comes in a pack of 24 (24!!!) and they've lasted me a long time ;) 

Extra Bottle Labels

Another question I get asked a lot it, where can I find or buy extra bottle labels! Sure, when you first get a dōTERRA membership, they send you a booklet which includes labels. But when you run out, or if you're labeling those roller bottles with these, you're going to need more. I found them here and love them! Plus, they're waterproof!

Fractionated Coconut Oil

Once you take a step further into essential oils, you'll realize diffusing is great, but roller bottles are better. Not only are they easy to grab and take with you (i.e. vacations, work trips, day trips, car rides, at work, etc) but they're a pretty powerful way to get the amazing health benefits of essential oils. Tummy ache? Make a tummy blend of essential oils in a roller bottle, label it "Tummy" and roll all over your belly when there is discomfort. You get my drift. 

Heres the thing- you need to dilute MOST essential oils with a carrier oil in order to apply topically. This protects your skin from any sort of irritation that might occur and helps the oils to go on smoothly and evenly. You'd never want to apply peppermint oil directly to your skin! Ouch! So fractionated coconut oil (coconut oil that stays liquid and able to be rolled on, no matter what the temperature) is a great carrier to have in your home, use to dilute those roller bottles, and make essential oils safe for the whole family. 

I've used a few brands, and am just pretty in love with this one


And lastly, I get asked ALL the time what my favorite diffuser is. You guys, its this one. Hands down. I've used maybe 3 or 4 so far and I just love the stability (won't knock over) of this one! I also love how powerful it is- you can change the setting to a soft mist or a more powerful one. I love that its minimal and white (but you can get one with a wooden base too). It's got LED lights that change colors if thats your thing, can run for 60 mins, 120 mins, 180 mins or 10 hours if pushed to the "ON" position (great for allowing to go overnight). It's quiet, it's convenient. AND BEST OF ALL, it's easy to clean! All you do is pull the top off and you can wipe down the water compartment so easily, refill with water so easily and add oils so easily. It's the best.

The price isn't too shabby either. 

Oh and also, it automatically shuts off when it's run out of water and THERE ARE OVER 9,000 REVIEWS with 5 STARS. k? K.

I hope that helped you all in your essential oil journey! If you have any questions you can always comment on here or email me- I'd love to be of service! And if you're looking to view my store and see what products I recommend, you can find that here

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