Tuesday, April 17, 2018

diy reusable swiffer wet cloths...

We have been using this same recipe for diy swiffer mopping pads (or whatever the heck you call them! Hold on, let me google their real name.... Swiffer Disposable Wet Cloths! There you go!) for a good solid year now. And we LOVE it! Not only is it cost effective (hello, you're only paying for drops of essential oils, a few tablespoons of cleaner and white vinegar!) but it is also 100% natural! It makes making the switch from toxic to non-toxic living in our home a heck of a lot easier.

And this "recipe" couldn't be simpler either. You literally mix a super simple solution up (took me 2 minutes), drop in some old rags (or nice new ones!) and you're good to go. Just make sure you measure the rags before adding. You want them to be big enough to wrap around your Swiffer and stick in the holding holes (haha), but not so big that the rag is dragging and hanging off. Then, after you've used a rag to mop your floor, instead of throwing them away and adding to the abundance of trash in our country already, you ring out, and toss in the wash. I mean. Win central. 


What you'll need:

1. Basically, clean out your old Swiffer cloth container well so that you don't have any of the toxic cleaning solution residue remaining. Alternatively, you can find a heavy duty container that is around the same size (with lid) and use that as well! 

2. Then, empty the water, vinegar, cleaner concentrate, and lemon oil into the container and mix well to combine. I chose to use lemon oil for it's purifying and degreasing properties, but you could also use peppermint, lemon, rosemary, melaleuca, or any other "cleansing" oil! 

3. Next, fold your cloths in half and carefully add to the cleaner solution. Add as many or as little cloths as you'd like. I got about 8 in my container. 

4. Add the lid and store for future use! When you're ready to mop just take one out, and if need be, gently wring out a little solution so it's not sopping. Then add to your Swiffer Sweeper mop and mop away! Add more clean cloths as needed until the solution is gone! 

Hope this totally inspires you guys and encourages any of you who might think making the big switch from toxic to non-toxic is too hard, to give it a shot. It's all about taking it "one thing at a time"!

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