Wednesday, May 2, 2018

essential oil supplies | round 2...

Hey friends! As I continue to meet and talk with you guys, my most commonly asked question is STILL where I got a particular essential oil supply! As you know, I already covered some of my favorites in this blog post, but I am so happy to support small businesses in their essential oil supply endeavors as well. I want to share with you all some of my recent faves! Maybe you already know them, maybe not. Either way, you're bound to find something you love and that inspires you!

I first found this amazing little Etsy shop a few months back and man do I love them! What caught my eye the first time was their amazing wooden wall display cases! I mean, just look at that beaut! Not only that but their roller bottles and accessories are amazing, unique, and so boho-chic. If that's something you're in to (like me!), then this is a shop you'll love!

All photos courtesy of Wood and Oils' Etsy page

Image courtesy of Urban Idaho's Instagram page

Next, and at the top of my list are these amazing vinyl roller labels from this little Etsy shop, Urban Idaho. Now if you haven't heard of them, now you do and you're going to LOVE them! They're my most used roller bottle labeling service, as I've used them for both 10 and 5mL rollers without a hitch! They're sweet and offer great customer service and their BOGO deals are the best! Make sure you follow them on Instagram to find out when that happens!


 Image courtesy of ShareOils' Instagram

Probably my MOST used resource though is ShareOils. I mean, I can't get enough of this mama led company. I love the company, I love their products, I love their aesthetic, I love everything! Most of all I love that they are a pretty one-stop shop for all things essential oil needed!

If you scroll through my Instagram, you'll find that I showcase pretty much ShareOils (and Urban Idaho) the most. That's because I just love love love them. In the above picture you'll see how I used their 15mL spray top as well as their labels! Crisp, clean and minimal. Love it.

Again, you'll see me repurposing my old 15mL used up dōTERRA bottles and making them into sprays and mists!

Here I used another cute label of theirs and made one of my favorite sea salt hair texturizing sprays. The bottles can be found here. 

And lastly, using this gold roller bottle with yet another label of theirs, I was able to create the best relaxing blend ever! Need the recipe? Head over here

You can also find 5mL rollers, droppers, 8mL misting bottles (just got some of these too!), as well as so much more. Seriously head on over to ShareOils and tell me you dont instantly fall in love.  

Looking for Amazon Only Essential Oil Supplies??? I've got a whole store devoted to them!

Anyway friends, thats it for me right now. I'll for sure be back to share another round up of essential oils supplies though! SO be on the lookout! 


  1. I seriously love that cologne you made for me using the little spray bottle!

  2. Makes you smell all manly and stuff.

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